Macey, Caroline

Also known as: Mrs Maisie


Collection date: Dec 1904

Area: Somerset - Langport & Huish Episcopi

Mrs Caroline Macey (1856-1908): On 22 Dec 1904 the song 'Poor Nell' was credited by Sharp to Mrs Overd in FW558 but in his field notebook tunes (1904/11p2) and in FT444 he credited 'Mrs Maisie' with the song. This is most likely to be Mrs Caroline Macey, who in 1901 was living in Langport Westover not far from Mrs Overd’s house. Caroline had 2 children by her first husband and is found in 1881 in Langport Westover as Caroline Broadway, widow aged 25, sack mender. On 7/8/1884 at Curry Rivel church she married Frank Macey, a railwayman. They had 3 children. Caroline died 26/2/1908 age 52.
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