Duff, Fanny


Collection date: Jul 1912

Area: Shropshire

Fanny Duff at Newport Union workhouse: age 54, 2 songs on 12 July 1912: Sharp published Fanny Duff's version of 'Dabbling in the Dew' (FT2786) in the Journal of the Folk-Song Society 4 (1913 p286) and clearly refers to her as 'Mrs' Duff. 

The best candidate, however, is a spinster Fanny Duffy, who is listed in the Newport workhouse in the 1901 census, aged 43, born in Newport (RG13/2566 District 1 p56). This provides a birth date of 1858 and there was a Fanny Duffy born July qr 1858 ref 6a 704. In 1861 in Water Lane, Newport there was a Michael Duffy, age 70, bricklayer, who had a grand-daughter Fanny aged 2. She was probably born out of wedlock, possibly to Michael Duffy's daughter Susannah. In 1871 at Water Lane Susannah Duffy is listed as Head of household with Fanny as her daughter aged 14. 

Further research is required as to when Fanny may have gone into the workhouse and whether she had any occupation etc. The 1911 and 1921 censuses may provide further information.

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