Bray, Elizabeth

Also known as: Mrs Bray


Collection date: Aug 1904

Area: Somerset - Langport & Huish Episcopi

Elizabeth Bray (1841-1916): 7 songs on 23/8/04: Sharp gave no age for this singer but the most likely person was aged 61 as follows - Mrs Bray was baptised Elizabeth Gillard on 28/9/1841 in Drayton, daughter of Daniel Gillard, labourer. On 16/8/1859 she married Henry Bray, 20, labourer of Drayton. In 1861, as a young mother with one infant, she was living in Drayton next door to (singer) Eliza Hutchings with her 4 infants. In 1871 Elizabeth was aged 30, a glover, with 3 children, living in Curry Rivel middle of town. By 1881 she had 6 children, still in Curry Rivel. But in 1901 she was at Gore’s court, bottom of Bow St Langport (2 doors from Sharp's intermediary Mr G Cox) ref RG13/2288 f5 p1. She died January qr 1916 (5c 505).

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