Bond, Ellen


Collection date: Aug 1904

Area: Somerset - Hambridge surrounds

Ellen Bond of Barrington (1860-1915): age 44, 2 songs ‘Lord Rendal’ (FT353) on 23 Aug 1904 and ‘Love Farewell’ (FT849) on 9 Apr 1906: Leah Ellen Raison was baptised in Barrington church 28/5/1860, daughter of Fanny Raison, widow. Fanny’s husband John died 6/9/1857 aged 30 and Fanny brought up her 3 daughters on her own. In 1871 Fanny was 49, a washer-woman with daughter Ellen (11) already at work as a kid glove maker.

In 1881 Ellen had gone to London (with friend Selina Saunders from Ilminster) to work as a cook for retired Colonel Lancelot Isacke at Lee in South London. She returned to Somerset to marry James Bond, labourer, son of Alfred & Betsy Bond (Barrington church 6/5/1884). In 1891 Ellen was a glover with 4 children. By 1901 she had had 10 children and was living in Water St Barrington. In 1911 two of her daughters were collar workers. Ellen probably died Jan qr 1915.

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