Gray, Philip


Collection date: Apr 1911

Area: Lincolnshire

Philip Gray at Bourne Union workhouse (1822-1912): age 88, 3 songs (FT2601-3) on 25 Apr 1911: Philip Gray was a shepherd like his father before him, so it was appropriate that one of his songs was ‘The Sheep-shearing Toast’:

Philip Gray was born on 27/11/1822 and was baptized at Titchmarsh church, Northants on 29/12/1822. He was the son of John Gray, shepherd and his wife Anne. He married Mary Clarke on 22/9/1845 at Titchmarsh and they had 7 children. Philip was a shepherd like his father and moved around for work – Stilton, Hunts in 1861; Cowbit, Lincs in 1871; Corby, Lincs in 1881; Holbeach, Lincs in 1891; then lived with his son William in Bourne, Lincs in 1901. It's not known when he was admitted to the Bourne workhouse but he was there in the 1911 census (p9). Philip died in October qr 1912 aged 88 (Bourne 7a 407).

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