Bailey, Henry


Collection date: Jul 1914

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Town

Henry Bailey of Bridgwater (1844-1919): age 71, 5 sea shanties (FT3000-04) on 10 Jly 1914: Henry’s version of the shanty ‘Lowlands Away’ was published in Sharp’s ‘English Folk-Chanteys’ book (1914) p21.

Henry Bailey was baptised at St Mary’s Bridgwater on 11/2/1844, son of George Bailey, labourer and his wife Anne. He must have gone to sea as a young man because he doesn’t appear to be in any censuses (1861-91). He got married, aged 44, to Blanche Hamblin, a widow 10 years younger than him, on 5/11/1891 at St Mary’s Bridgwater. Blanche was on her own in their house in Monmouth St in the 1901 census (Henry at sea?). In the 1911 census (RG14/14284 sch 109) they were together at 31 Monmouth St Bridgwater. He was 68. He said he had 4 children, 1 of whom had died. Henry died Jan qr 1919 (5c 540).

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