Hobbs, Mrs May Elliot


Collection date: Jan 1899

Area: Oxfordshire

Mrs May Elliot Hobbs (1877-1956): Mrs Hobbs helped Janet Blunt to collect some of the Adderbury morris dances in 1916, having already joined the EFDS in March 1912.  See, for example, 'Lads a Bunchum' from William Walton https://www.vwml.org/search?q=Lads%20a%27%20Bunchum%20Walton%20Blunt&is=1.

Mrs Hobbs attended Summer schools at Stratford and appears in photos with Sharp and the demonstration dance teams. She was involved with EFDS committee work and corresponded with Sharp in his later years of ill health.

She was born Adeline May Isabella Elliot in 1877, eldest of 3 children of Walter Elliot, farmer of 5000 acres in Galashiels, Scotland, and his wife Jessie. She was still in Scotland in the 1901 census but came south to marry Robert Hobbs, farmer at Bradshaw's Farm in Kelmscott village nr Lechlade on 28/11/1906. They had one son Robert (b1907). Kelmscott is 24 miles W of Oxford.

It was Robert’s father who had let Kelmscott Manor house to William Morris, writer and designer, from 1871 until his death in 1896. The manor house continued to be lived in by his widow Jane Morris, who eventually purchased the house from the Hobbs family in 1913. Jane’s daughter May Morris (b1862) lived there until her death in 1938. May Morris was a friend of Mrs May Elliot Hobbs, as they were neighbours. May Morris joined the EFDS in October 1912 and there was actually a Kelmscott branch for a time. 

Mrs Hobbs died on 30 Dec 1956.