Beamer, James

Also known as: Mr Beemer


Collection date: Sept 1908

Area: Somerset - Taunton District

(Mr) James Beamer (1829-1918): age 80, 1 song ‘Sheep Shearing’ (FT1906) on 16 Sept 1908: Sharp again noted the social status of the singer by referring to him as ‘Mr’ Beemer. In fact from baptism to burial his surname was always Beamer. His song in praise of the sheep and its wool was appropriate, for James Beamer was a farmer’s son, who became a farm bailiff and then a farmer in his own right.

He was baptised James Beamer at Huish Champflower (4 miles west of Wiveliscombe) on 25/2/1829, eldest son of John Beamer (farmer 90 acres) and his wife Charlotte. James had 2 younger brothers and decided to strike out on his own – a good decision in that his father John stayed on working at his farm until he died in 1880 aged 87. James went as a farm bailiff to Crowcombe village – 8 miles away. Elizabeth Landsey, aged 32, was the widowed owner of Hurley Farm (120 acres), a mile to the north of the village. She had 2 young sons. James married her April qr 1861 (Taunton 5c 655). They had 1 son and 1 daughter. When Elizabeth died in 1895, aged 70, James continued farming with his son in Crowcombe (RG13/2265 f50 p8) but had fully retired by 1911 census, where he was shown as aged 82, of private means. James died 6/6/1918 aged 89.

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