Southwood, James


Collection date: Jan 1906

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Town

Mr James Southwood of Bridgwater: 2 songs (FT735,6) on 1 Jan 1906: In Field Notebook Tunes FNT1906/1 p7 Sharp scribbles an address ‘Bentley Place, milliner’ above Southwood’s two tunes but there is no such address in Bridgwater and it may be a completely unrelated note. Sharp unfortunately does not provide the singer’s age either.

The Bridgwater Shipping Lists record a James Southwood of Bridgwater aged 17 on board ships as a boy sailor in 1876 and 1877 but nothing beyond those dates. A James Southwood was born in August 1856 and baptised at St Mary's Bridgwater on 21 November 1860. Subsequently a 4 year old boy James Southwood was listed in the 1861 census in Bridgwater, separated from any parents. Perhaps he went to sea as a boy.  

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