Baker, John Henry

Also known as: JH Baker


Collection date: Sept 1908

Area: Somerset - Taunton District

John Henry Baker of Crowcombe (1867-?): age 41, 1 song ‘Hearty Good Fellow’ (FT1911) on 17 Sept 1908: John Henry Baker was baptised at Upton church (5 miles west of Wiveliscombe) on 12/6/1867, 4th child of William Baker, farmer and his wife Elizabeth. His father had 102 acres at Upton (Godhams Farm) but moved by 1881 census to take on a farm of 250 acres at Huish Champflower. John Henry Baker took up the trade of saddler and harness maker.

When he was just 20, he married Sarah Ann Wood, 34, spinster at St John's Wellington on 20/7/1886. They moved to Crowcombe (1891 census) and were there for both 1901 census (RG13/2265 f51 p9) and 1911 census. They had just 1 child – William John Frederick Baker (b1888). John Henry’s date of death is yet to be confirmed.

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