Jeffery, John


Collection date: Apr 1904

Area: Somerset - Hambridge surrounds

John Jeffery of Isle Brewers (1854-1927): age 49, 2 songs (FT155,6) on 7 Apr 1904: John Jeffery was born 5/9/1854 and was baptised in Isle Brewers church on 12/10/1854, son of Thomas Jeffery, farmer at North Bradon and his wife Mary. John Jeffery eventually inherited Bartlett’s Farm (a Duchy of Cornwall leased farm) from his father, when he died in 1886.

At age 38 John married Mary Cooper at Curry Rivel church on 11/2/1892. Together they had 4 children. John was still at Bartlett’s Farm in 1911 (listed as age 56, widower). John Jeffery died 27 Oct 1927, leaving £4K.

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