Kilford, Mrs


Collection date: Dec 1911

Area: Shropshire

Mrs Kilford at Lilleshall: age 47, 2 carols ‘The Man that lives’ and ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ (FT2724,5)  on 18 December 1911: The only Mrs Kilford in Lilleshall of the right age in 1911 census was Ann Jane Kilford, wife of Charles Kilford, a school caretaker:

Ann Jane was born on 16/6/1865 at Church Aston, Shropshire, daughter of William Hurlestone, gardener and his wife Harriet. She married Charles Kilford, agricultural labourer in January qr 1883 (6a 1101). They had 11 children, 3 of whom died young. They lived at Church Aston initially but moved into Lilleshall by 1901 census (RG13/2567 f78 p13). Ann died in April qr 1955 aged 90 (9a 230).

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