Lobb, Mr


Collection date: May 1914

Area: Cornwall

Mr Lobb Jr at Padstow, Cornwall: 1 song 'Padstow May Song' (FT2920 Roud 305) on 1 May 1914: Sharp gave no age for this singer but in his Folk Dance Notes vol3 (CJS2/11/3/146) he wrote that Mr Lobb (Snr), an old man, 'found that the Padstow ceremony had altered little in the last 50 years'. In his field words notebook 1913/2 p83 he says that Robert Lobb was 75. Presumably it was his son that sang to Sharp.  

The Padstow May song was published in the Journal of the Folk-Song Society no.5 (1916) pp273-276. See (editor) Lucy Broadwood's historical analysis there.

Robert Dunn Lobb (b1840) was a shipwright living in Workhouse Hill in 1901 (RG13/2204 f12 p15). In 1911 he was in Church Street, Padstow, aged 71 with wife Mercy and 2 single sons - Robert 35 and Loveridge 29, both of whom were tailors. It's a fair assumption that Sharp's informant was Robert Lobb Jr (1875-1937), distinguishing him from his father of the same forename. 

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