Passmore, Mr George


Collection date: Sept 1908

Area: Somerset - Taunton District

Mr (George) Passmore of Pitminster (1837-?): age 75, 2 songs (FT1844,5) on 7 Sept 1908: There were no other Passmores in Pitminster in 1901, so the assumption must be that, having already collected from Caroline Passmore in Aug 1907, Sharp returned and got 2 more songs a year later from her husband George. He was born c1837 in Corfe, nr Pitminster. This would only make him 70 (rather than 75) when he met Sharp but ages were a bit variable in censuses and other records of the time. George was a marine for over 20 years and received a naval pension. He was 73 in the 1911 census but it is not yet known when he died.
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