Betty, Mrs Elizabeth


Collection date: Apr 1906

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Town

Elizabeth Betty of Bridgwater (1853-1933): age 54, 1 song ‘Broomfield Wager’ (FT915) on 18 Apr 1906 + 'Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor' (FT1355) on 1 Apr 1907: Elizabeth Betty was the older sister of Jack Barnard. She was born Elizabeth Barnett in 1853, daughter of James Barnett, brickyard labourer and his wife Elizabeth. In the 1871 census she had left home and was working as a domestic servant in the house of Henry Jefferies, baker.

In June qr 1872 she married Joseph Martin (Bridgwater 5c 663) but he died in 1875 and she was remarried at St Mary’s church to Charles Betty, labourer, son of Henry Betty. She could not sign her name. The couple had 6 children, of whom one died young. In 1901 they were living at 77 West Street (RG13/2283 f69 p35), next door to George Barnett, Elizabeth’s youngest brother and also close to Jack Barnard. Their eldest son Charles and second son Alfred were both postmen. Elizabeth probablyly died June qr 1933 Keynsham 5c 584 aged 81.

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