Hull, Mrs


Collection date: Aug 1904

Area: Somerset - Langport & Huish Episcopi

Mrs Alice Hull (1872-1935): Sharp did not record the age of Mrs Hull when he first met her in Langport on 23/8/1904 and noted 'Rosemary Lane' (FT352). He met her again a year later when she and Mrs Fido (together) sang 'As I walked through the meadows' (FT544), which he published in Folk Songs from Somerset vol2. These two singers were in fact next door neighbours in Bow Street Langport in the 1901 census (RG13/2288 f5 p2).

Alice Hull was born Alice West in 1872 in Langport. In 1891 in Langport she was a charwoman age 19, living with her aunt Ann West, a Londoner. Alice married Charles Hull, blacksmith on 4/9/1893 in Langport. She had 3 children in 1901 census, living in Hutchings Court, north side of Bow St. In 1911 she had 6 children at home. Alice Hull died March qr 1935 aged 63.

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