Oliver, Mrs


Collection date: May 1913

Area: Cornwall

Mrs (Elizabeth) Oliver at Camborne, Cornwall (1846-1923): age 67, 1 song 10 May 1913: Elizabeth’s song was a version of ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ (FT2845). She was born Elizabeth Ivey (appropriately!) in 1846, 3rd of 7 children of John Ivey, tin miner and his wife Mary. In 1851 they were all living on the west side of Union Street, Camborne and then in nearby Moor St in 1861 and 1871.

Elizabeth married Thomas Oliver in January qr 1878 (Redruth 5c 335). They had no children. Thomas was (variously) a stationer, a dairyman then a tin miner for 20 years. The 1901 census ref is RG13/2243 f154 p29. Elizabeth died 6/12/1923.

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