Pearce, Charles


Collection date: Jul 1923

Area: Wiltshire

Charles Pearce at Marlborough Union, Wiltshire: age 80, 1 song FT4953 on 20 July 1923: Sharp visited Marlborough workhouse in the last year of his own life, collecting one song from Charles Pearce:

Charles was baptised at Avebury on 18/9/1842, son and second child of Charles Pearce Snr and his wife Mary (nee Middleton). Sadly Charles Snr died that year and Mary was remarried to George Alexander at Avebury on 30/9/1843. George and Mary had 3 children together. Charles was mistakenly recorded as Charles Alexander in the 1861 census at Avebury but reverted to his birth name when he got married on 19/10/1867 to Ellen Chandler. Neither could sign their name.

The couple had 5 children and Charles worked as an agricultural labourer in Avebury all the rest of his life. His wife Ellen died in November 1900 and Charles went to live with his (widowed) son Samuel (1901 census RG13/1924 f5 p2). Eventually he went into the workhouse and died in June qr 1928 aged 85 (5a 95). The 1921 census should confirm details.

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