Pickering, Enoch


Collection date: Dec 1911

Area: Shropshire

Enoch Pickering at Teague’s Bridge: age 41, 1 carol ‘The Seven Virgins’ FT2736 on 20 December 1911. Sharp's handwriting is a little ambivalent and the song entry was archived as 'Pickerway' but there was nobody with that surname in any of the relevant censuses. It is definitely 'Pickering':

Enoch Pickering was born in October qr 1869 (ref 6a 778), 4th of 8 children of John Pickering, stone miner, and his wife Mary Ann. The family lived at Wrockwardine Wood.

Enoch was an ‘iron stone miner’ in the 1891 census and a ‘coal miner’ in the 1901 census. In October qr 1902 he married Jane Payne and they had 9 children, 2 of whom died young. In 1911 his address was ’33 Teague’s Lane’ – Sharp wrote ‘Teague’s Bridge’ which is a hamlet just a mile from Wrockwardine Wood. Enoch’s date of death is yet to be confirmed.

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