Pittaway, William


Collection date: May 1923

Area: Oxfordshire

William Pittaway at Burford (c1857-1935): age 66, 10 songs (FT4937ff) on 19 May 1923: William was the illegitimate son of Rhoda Buckle, born c1857 in Taynton village (a mile or so NW of Burford). When Rhoda married Edward Pittaway on 8/11/1862 at Burford, William took the name ’Pittaway’ too.

William was a mechanical engineer (labourer). He married Sarah Emma Pickett on 5/10/1895 at Burford. They had no children and William’s mother Rhoda went to live with them when she was widowed (1901 census RG13/1397 f33 p3). William died January qr 1935 age 75 (Witney 3a 1531).

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