Warren, Rev William

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Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Town

Rev William Meade King Warren of Bridgwater (1874-1964) was not a singer but an important intermediary for Sharp in Bridgwater. William Warren was born in 1874, the eldest son of Rev Frederick Warren, Rector of Exton, nr Dulverton for over 20 years. He went to Oriel College Oxford and Wells Theological College. He was curate of Bridgwater from 1900-1909 and lived in North Street, where Sharp stayed to do his song collecting. He was the visiting chaplain at the Union workhouse and could thus introduce Sharp to Robert Dibble and George Radford. He signed nearly all the entries for workhouse burials and officiated at the burials of singers John Briffett and Joseph Laver. William Warren was married in 1909 to Althea Rowland, and was posted to Meare nr Glastonbury (1909-17). He died in 1964.
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