Robinson, Matilda


Collection date: Jan 1910

Area: Oxfordshire

Matilda Robinson at Bampton (1843-1923): age 68, 1 song ‘Ship’s Carpenter’ FT2434 on 7 Jan 1910: Matilda Robinson was a butcher’s wife, who moved to Bampton in the 1890s from Chipping Norton:

Matilda Ann Hathaway was baptised on 27/9/1843 at Oxford St Ebbe’s church, 2nd child of James Hathaway and his wife Sarah Ann. James was a baker, then an agricultural labourer and finally a builder’s labourer.

Matilda grew up in Chipping Norton and there married Charles Robinson, a butcher on 17/6/1866. They had 11 children, 7 of whom lived into adulthood. They moved to Bampton and lived in the marketplace there (1901 ref RG13/1394 f49 p7). Charles died in 1917 and Matilda, widow aged 80, was buried at Bampton on 23/10/1923.

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