Somerton, James


Collection date: Apr 1909

Area: Oxfordshire

James Somerton of Noke morris: age 78 James Somerton met Sharp on 27 April 1909 along with Daniel Shirley and he went through a couple of dances of the defunct morris side of Noke village (7 miles NE of Oxford). Sharp did not publish this morris style.

James Somerton was born in 1831 in Noke, 2nd son of William Somerton, agricultural labourer and his wife Ann. He and his older brother Richard were both shoemakers. James married Hannah Wilson at Islip in September 1854 and they had 2 children. James was running a shop in 1891 and in 1901 was a ‘farmer and carrier’. He died October qr 1910 (Bicester 3a 548 age 79).

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