Vandrell, Seth


Collection date: Oct 1911

Area: Shropshire

Seth Vandrell at Lilleshall: aged 70, Seth Vandrell was a ‘double act’ with Sam Bradley (see separate profile), singing 3 carols to Sharp on 27 October 1911. They sang in unison, not in harmony but they must have been good singers, as Sharp published all 3 songs - ‘Truth sent from above’ (FT2710) and ‘New Year’s Carol’ (FT2711) in his ‘English Folk-Carols’ (1911 pp46,51); ‘The Virgin Unspotted’ in the Journal of the Folk-Song Society 5 (1914 p24).

Seth Vandrell was born in January qr 1842 at Wrockwardine Wood, a mile or so S of Donnington Wood. He was the only son (with 3 sisters) of David Vandrell, iron stone miner and his wife Mary. When Mary died in Dec 1858, David was remarried to widow Elizabeth Dawes, who brought 5 children of her own to the new family. Seth never married but worked away as an iron stone miner. Perhaps he knew Sam Bradley from a church choir or carolling party.

Seth Vandrell died in January qr 1924 (ref 6a 1126 age 82).

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