Chorley, William


Collection date: Apr 1907

Area: Somerset - Bridgwater Town

William James Chorley of Bridgwater (1845-1922): age 62, 4 songs (FT1318-21) on 6 Apr 1907: In 1901 William James Chorley was living at 73 West Street, two doors from singers Elizabeth Betty and Rebecca Marchant. He can be found in several censuses only as James Chorley.

He was baptised William James Chorley on 19/10/1845 at St Mary’s Bridgwater, eldest child of James Chorley, labourer and his wife Elizabeth. He married Charlotte James on 26/11/1866 at St Mary’s. They had 9 children, 3 of whom died young. In the censuses of 1881, 1891 and 1901 William James Chorley was listed as a mariner or sailor. In 1911, however, aged 65 he was a ‘bricklayer’. He died April qr 1922 aged 76.

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