Sharp was in contact with Mrs Ella Leather about both folk songs and dances. She was an acknowledged folklorist, brought up in Dilwyn and living in Weobley all her married life (visit Archives). In Dec 1909 Sharp collected dance information and tunes from informants at Dilwyn (Preece), Brimfield (Trill) and Leominster (Locke). In addition Mrs Leather had trained a children's side at Weobley, which Sharp saw and recorded on 29 Dec 1909 (Folk Words 2193-2200).

After his folksong expeditions to the Appalachian Mountains in America (1915-18), Sharp continued to collect over 100 more folk songs in England - he was aged 60 by that time. In 1921 he visited Ross-on-Wye Workhouse and met 7 singers. The 1921 census should reveal more information, when it is released.

In total Sharp collected 39 songs and 13 fiddle tunes from 7 singers and 3 dancers/musicians in Herefordshire - 8 men and 2 women. Their average age was 59.6 yrs. Of the men, 3 were general labourers, 1 agricultural labourer and 1 stone mason.

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